They finally came

I decided on Northshore Care Supreme. They came to the door today and I opened them and they came with a sample of two Supreme cloth like diapers and adult wipes samples. I decided to wear the cloth like ones first. The diapers are thick and I put it on and it feels like a real diaper. I hate the Tena small super and Nu Fit diapers because they don’t feel like real diapers. The Walgreens ones I had left over didn’t feel like real ones either. Now I am going to see how good this brand is and how it works for me. I decided I am not going to let myself run out of premium diapers again and be stuck with the crappy ones and good thing I still have bladder control. I also added the plastic brand to my diaper list with the price plus shipping. The ones I don’t have on my list are the ones I don’t want to wear.

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