Diaper Decisions

It’s that time again to get more diapers. Another pain about being me is making decisions about what diapers to buy. It would be a lot easier if I just stick to the same brand. How do I get around this roadblock. This is what I always do to help me decide.

Look at each diaper I like and compare the prices.

Think of other diapers out there that are considered good and look for justifications for why not to get those or to rule out getting them.

DC Amor, the odor control is bad

Molicare Super Plus, they bunch up when wet and get uncomfortable

ATN Tranquility, sag when wet and too thin

Abena M4, also saggy when wet and poor odor control

Tena Slip Maxi, no longer around in the US on American sites

Barebum, can’t find the product on their website and have never tried them

And the last part, do I want AB diapers or regular diapers? How is my money situation? How is my credit card? Should I use it or use Bill Me Later so I am not using my credit card. Oh what difference does it make, I would still be paying the same amount and they are both due the same month anyway. Oh I gotta buy a bus pass again today because it’s the new month, oh that changes nothing, I still need to get more diapers. If I want to be frugal, go for regular diapers, if I want thick diapers and none saggy ones, go for AB diapers.

All these thoughts go through my head while looking for diapers to buy. I also looked on Reddit, no one is selling any diapers in my area or willing to ship to my area. *looks at the price comparisons again* Darn it can’t decide, I will just take a break from diaper shopping and get back to my story.

I hate when I need to get more diapers.