A slip up

My husband wanted to change my diaper on Saturday but I didn’t need to be changed then. Fast forward to evening, I poop in my diaper after I had put the kids to bed and have given them baths. I stayed in it until I needed to change because I could feel the stinging on my pussy. So I went to the basement and I saw he was on his microphone in the game he is playing. I asked him if he was ready and he said he wanted to do it. He tells his friend in the game he has to go because his wife needs him for something. They get off and I lay on the bed and I go “Ready to change my diaper?” and then I realized he was still connected because I heard his friend going “Uhhh, uhhhh.” Instead I just laughed but also hoped I didn’t scare his friend off because now he probably thinks my husband is a creep now. My husband said he had the microphone covered with his hand so he is hoping his friend didn’t hear it. I asked him what is he going to say when his friend does talk to him again and asks him about it and my husband said “I would just say my wife is incontinent and I wanted to have sex so she was waiting until she needed to change.” But he said he won’t say anything about about it if his friend doesn’t bring it up.

So next time I need to be more careful and to make sure he isn’t still connected. If he is still at his computer, it’s best to not say anything about diapers or anything about our AB/DL life.

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