On Sunday we went to my husband’s cousin’s wedding. It was in a natural park and it was at a campground. They had it in the day area. It was a small wedding and pretty casual and very inexpensive because there was no wedding cake, only regular cake you buy in the store, potluck, no catering, no wedding gifts, lot of people didn’t get them any, lot of people dressed casual, not in fancy clothes, they used a relative to marry them, he is a real minister but was doing it for free as a wedding gift, and everyone stood or brought their own chairs or sat at picnic tables. This was planned in a few weeks before the wedding so it was like all thrown together quickly.

When I had to change, I carried the diaper bag, an actual diaper bag because it had my daughter’s diapers in there and her clean dress to change her into and wipes and I wasn’t going to carry a diaper in my hands for everyone to see so I carried the whole thing up with me. I go to the restrooms and it was locked, all of them so I thought I would have to walk all the way across the open area to get to the other restrooms but instead I saw there were more on the other side of the building so I checked and the first door was unlocked so I went inside. It was not an outhouse but it was out of toilet paper but that didn’t matter and it needed to be cleaned. I changed and tossed it in the garbage. No way was I going to dig in there to bury it so I left it on top. I wrapped it of course so no one would see the inside of it. Then I washed my hands with a baby wipe instead of using the dirty sink. I was now in my last Tena Slip diaper.

The wedding didn’t last long because they only stayed a couple hours and then everyone was leaving. On my husband’s side, everyone seems to be more introverted because families never stick around long to visit like they do on my mom’s side because when that happens, they do it all day long and so do my parents friends. I remember when my husband and I got married, by the time it was over, all of my husband’s family had already left and the only ones who were there were my mom’s side and they hadn’t gone back to the house yet they were staying at my parents had rented for the week. I remember I was expecting to hide out upstairs from all the people but that didn’t happen but instead I went straight home after the reception and relaxed because I needed to rest and I didn’t want to be at the house because I spent six hours around people so I was exhausted. I remember my husband and I left all our presents behind to my parents and relatives had to take them to the house. I have been wondering if I am also introverted because I am all alone (if I wanted friends, I could just go to my group and hand out my phone number to everyone to call me if they ever want to do something together or come to my house and play video games or just go on my Facebook and ask my old friend to bring her kids to my house and we can play video games together or watch a movie or go to work and ask my co workers if they want to hang out at my house) and I wouldn’t know what to do with a friend or how to interact except play video games or do computer together but it was a lot easier when I was a little kid and then it got harder due to interests change and social skills change too because people change and so do the rules. But enough of that.

On the way home I felt the urge to poop, no wait I felt that at the wedding but the urge wasn’t strong enough for me to be able to push it out even with the diaper off so I waited. The urge got strong when we got close to home and I didn’t start to push it out until i got out of the car and I was doing it while I was getting my daughter out of her car seat and getting stuff from the trunk and I didn’t finish until I was in the backyard with the kids while my husband went inside to rest his feet. It wasn’t a big load, it just took a little while for the strong urges to stop. I stayed in it for a while and then I changed and it was a big mess then because it took lot of wipes to clean it. My husband wanted to play tonight but he was busy with his game and he was live online with his microphone talking to someone from on there. He even hushed me and said he was live online so they could hear me when I went in and said “You said you wanted to play” and I just left and changed myself because I wanted out of the thing and I wasn’t going to wait.

I also played Pokemon Go. A new game I had been trying since my birthday and I just play it casually, I don’t go outside just to catch Pokemon, I only do it when I am out of the house. I tried at the wedding but there was no cellphone service and you need that for internet so I read an ABDL book instead on my husband’s phone, but at the cheese factory we stopped at I caught about five new Pokemon there and they had three Pokestops there. I was surprised because it’s in a small town. I don’t do dumb stuff with it like play it while I drive or play it while I walk. I stop to catch a Pokemon and whenever I see a Pokemon on my phone, I just tap it and it lets me try and catch it than me trying to walk to any location just to catch it such as on someone’s property or in a store, etc. So any location I am at, I just check for Pokemon and there is a Pokestop at my train stop so I get new items there everyday and then I go to the park when I arrive at work because I have about 15 minutes to spare so I walk around to all the Pokestops I can get to and collect items and I do it again before the train comes and my workplace has a Pokestop there too so I have gotten new Pokeballs from there.

But I have been in a fresh diaper now for the past two hours. Now I just wish they would fix all the bugs in Pokemon Go. I have been kicked out of the game already several times especially during the Pokemon catch when trying to catch a more rare Pokemon and GPS freezes so I have to exit the game and go back in and wait for it to load up and I can’t even view every Pokemon in my Pokedex I have caught so far. The game has also frozen on me several times too especially when I have caught a Pokemon.


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