Almost had my diapers destroyed

This happened yesterday and boy was I furious.

It started in the morning when my son mentioned there was water on the floor in the kitchen. I thought he was talking about a few drips or some spill and I wasn’t in a rush to get it. Then he said again it was dripping so I figured he means the sink. I decided to check it out and I see the dishwasher is overflowing. I turn it off and tell my dad about it and he says something must be clogged. The rug right by the sink was all soaked so I went downstairs to see if it leaked in the basement and there was a bunch of water dripping on top off stuff and on top of my dresser and it soaks all the books and my diaper package was wet. My dad says it wasn’t the dishwasher and said there was water running. I ask him what was running, the dishwasher? My dad said it was the sink so I thought it over flowed. How did that happen? My husband who came out of our bedroom said he must have done it because he was making coffee.  What happened was, he had just gotten up so he went up to the kitchen and the water thing to the coffee pot was nearly empty so he pulled the faucet hose out of the sink and put it inside the thing and turned the water on. Because it runs so slowly (it needs to be fixed) he didn’t want to stand there and wait for it so he went back downstairs and he forgot about it). I was very angry because I thought I had lost my diapers so I am screaming at him about his mistake because he had left the water on and left it alone. This was the second time he had done it but last time it was worse because it went into the bedroom and it nearly destroyed photo albums and our home movies from my childhood. So my mom also yelled at him last time and now I was yelling at him about it for 15 minutes. He thought it was no big deal because he saw it as a mistake. I was even more angry he could see it that way because I thought my diapers were ruined and water did get on them and the whole package was soaked so I didn’t know if water seeped inside and I don’t want water damage and if this kept on happening, the wood would just rot and mold would grow in the basement and spread. But he cleaned it all up and he washed all the towels he had used to dry the walls and floor and the ceiling and he had moved stuff to get it away from the dripping. We did  turn the dishwasher back on since it wasn’t overflowing. Luckily the diapers didn’t get ruined because it was only drops of water that got on the plastic and that is water proof. I realized I was more upset about the diapers so that was why I was furious because I thought I had lost them. I told my husband “you don’t ever leave the water on when you leave the room.”

I am glad no diapers were harmed during this incident.

One thought on “Almost had my diapers destroyed

  1. I’m so sorry that happen to you. I know the feeling of being upset when something bad might happen to your diapers. At first I thought diapers were just a fetish. But now I realize that I need them for comfort and support. But I enjoy your blog and keep up the good work.

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