Not a real birthday present

I remember when I was 15, our English teacher gave out this fun assignment to the whole class. We had to work in groups and the fun assignment was we have these annoying relatives and they give us bad gifts. The teacher had fake cards written out with a pictures cut from magazines and glued to them. I can remember one gift was someone got a tool set but it was so he could fix his bike, someone else had always wanted a stereo but instead they were given a toy stereo that was for kids and you couldn’t even play CDs on it, and another gift was someone wanted a car but instead they got a toy jeep little kids ride in that is for ages 3-7. Someone else got a kid’s bike because they always wanted a bike. I learned how not to give gifts that day.

My family does these sort of things. When I was 22, I was given a tool set for Christmas also and it came with a putty knife. My parents had gotten us that gift just so we could patch a hole in our wall my husband accidentally put and I felt that was not a real gift because I had learned in class when I was 15 that you do not buy someone a gift just so they can fix something. It reminded me of that assignment when someone got a tool set for their birthday so they could fix their relative’s bike when they come to visit.

My birthday is coming up again and my aunt and uncle came over and they got me a present and they got me a nice big cupcake. But when I opened my gift, it was my old Montana license plate with my name on it. They had found it in Montana in the old garage. I must have left it there when I moved and back then we didn’t need license plates on both ends of the car so I only had one for the back. But it was not a real gift and I didn’t really like it. I told my son it was not a real birthday present and you don’t just find something that belongs to someone and give it to them as a gift, that is not a real present. He asked me about the license plate so I told him about it and he asked why I had it and I told him my aunt and uncle gave it to me as a birthday present but it’s not a real present and I explained to him about what not to do when you give someone gifts.

My husband is the only one who has gotten me a real present, it was a video game he got on Amazon for my 3DS. It wasn’t something of mine he found around the house and gave it to me as a “gift.”

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