My poopy diaper causes a little havoc

I spent a whole week in Montana with my family. I had a couple poopy diapers and I did it when no one was around. So when I pooped in my diaper, I wore it for a while and then when I was going to go on the boat, I changed in the bathroom because my mom put my husband and I and our kids on the sun porch and it has doors and windows and no curtains so it lacked privacy. So I always had to get dressed in the bathroom and change. I had to hide my poopy diaper and I didn’t want to put it in the trash and be seen with it so I hid it under the towel and left it in my room and kept it hidden under the towel and I closed the door to keep in the smell.

Later I heard my mom commenting about the whole house smelling like poop and my cousin *Kay said she thought it was her son so she checked his diaper and it was clean. I say nothing about it because my Aunt M was in the room and so was my cousin. My mom then said in my ear if I had a poopy diaper in here and I said “no.” I didn’t have one in the room so it wasn’t a lie because it was in the other room. Then she said the smell was real strong in my bedroom so I must have changed in there. So I grabbed a plastic bag from under the kitchen sink and go in my room and put it in the bag and open the door to outside and tossed the bag outside. I think my mom saw me do it because she was looking at me when I came back in the room. Then I went outside and picked it up and put it in the trash. My husband heard the whole thing because he was also in the house when it happened and he didn’t know what was going on until I told him in the car on the way home and he thought it was funny and then understood what the whole thing was about. I was just too anxious to throw it away because I didn’t want to be seen with it and have relatives know I wear diapers.


2 thoughts on “My poopy diaper causes a little havoc

  1. What is you email address now, also are you on fetlife anymore as there are ageplay munches happening in Portland again and if you had an opportunity to attend, was hoping you’d like to join us sometime.

    • My email is listed in the about me page. I don’t want to post any of my primary email addresses on here due to privacy. No I haven’t been to Fetlife in a while. I lose interest in forums and go somewhere else. You can still send me a message on Fetlife though because I get a email saying I get a new message on there.

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