A Big Mess

The other day after I had gotten my diapers, I had on a Tena Slip Maxi and I had it on from the night before and I had to take a dump so I went in the kitchen and pushed it out and it was real soft. I wasn’t expecting it to be this soft but I could tell it was a big one and I sat back down in the living room and felt it spread all over. It felt so good I had to masturbate in it so I went upstairs and did it and got so turned on by the mess I did in my diaper. Then I stayed in it until around 3PM and I went to the basement to get changed by my husband. he was able to do it and he was turned on that I was stinky and said he could smell it right when I got in. He took off my shorts and then he took my diaper off and it took a bunch of wipes to clean me up. My body was so turned on, my pussy kept farting and it took him a few minutes to get the mess cleaned up and he said it was all over in the diaper. I enjoyed having the wipe on my bottom and my butt crack being wiped and then he had sex with me. I only came down for a diaper change, not sex but he wanted it. he said my diaper change was my sex not his s he did it his way. Then when he was done he placed a fresh diaper on me and it was a Tena Slip Plus diaper. Not Super. I thought they were Super but they were Plus diapers. Then I threw the diaper away and it was very nasty and it was very full of poop. My husband said I had diarrhea but I didn’t have a diaper blow out. But I imagined that is how the character in my stories poop in her diapers, her poop is always that soft but she hates changing them so she always stays in her mess and her husband always has to clean her up. He can’t get her to change right after she messes.

I also had our door blocked off to keep our kids out so none of them would walk in on my diaper change. If my husband said I stunk, I wonder if the kids smelled it but said nothing.

3 thoughts on “A Big Mess

  1. This is THE most disgusting thing I’ve ever read. I can’t believe there are human beings on this planet that are THIS nasty. I couldn’t be anymore repulsed right now. I mean seriously I can’t think of anything more nastier thing. Aren’t you ashamed of yourself b/ca you should be? Even animals are smart enough to poop in a corner somewhere and bury it but humans have become so mentally unstable they…. I think you should seek professional help. I’m not a drinker but I’m seriously thinking about getting wasted so I can forget what I just read. I decided just now to get a website blocker app so I don’t find this gross blog ever again. Eww……..

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