Tena Slip Maxi cloth like

I got some Tena European diapers from Reddit for cheap. It all cost me $67 total for three packs. Two Super and one Maxi. I am wear the Maxi one and the print on them is different than on the old ones. I have heard some bad reviews about them saying they don’t hold in the odor well and they sag and don’t hold as much as the old ones. I never had an issue with cloth like so I decided to give them a try than being disappointed. I put one on it feels nice and soft even though they are thin but they still felt nice like I still had on a diaper. I didn’t pee in it until this morning when I got up and the diaper held it and I have had it on all day and peed in it a couple more times and then I had to poop so I pooped and then peed at the same time and the diaper still held. So far I have not felt any sagging and there is no bunching and no odor. They have not loosened up yet as I have seen some say online in their complaints. I think I would stick with these if they were not so expensive. Molicare Super Plus have been bunching up and sagging for me like the Abena M4.

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