Telling your Doctor

Apparently you should tell your doctor about your fetish if you have mental issues. I am also diagnosed with anxiety and OCD and I never feel comfortable talking about my problems. Plus I don’t think I want diapers written in their patient reports about me because they type stuff in there as you speak to them. Also apparently you can get a DX for diapers if you tell them how you mentally need them so they give you a prescription automatically. No thanks. I would feel I am being dishonest and cheating the system. I have always lost the diaper and wore pull ups to the office even though I did lie in the office about why I was wearing one. I wasn’t going to tell her I like wearing them and how I wear full protection diapers and I wear pull ups to the doctors to hide it. I also wonder if anyone in that thread has any kids under age 18 who have told their doctor that are not even incontinent.


3 thoughts on “Telling your Doctor

  1. Hello. Thank you for your blog/site and putting yourself out there for others to see.

    With regards to doctors, I decided to go the route where I got myself diagnosed for OAB and incontinence. The downside is that I have a permanent record in my medical files. But on the upside I can talk about diapers and issues related to incontinence with my doctors, get their advice and have so much less shame around it, and I can get prescriptions for anything I need.

    • You have incontinence so that is different. I was talking about mental issues and people who can’t live without diapers and they aren’t even incontinent or have any bladder or bowel issues. When I say mental issues I mean like anxiety disorders, mental illnesses, emotional disorders, and people who just have issues in general but might not have anything “wrong” with them. I am on the fence about if people should get diaper prescriptions who don’t have any medical issues with their bowels and bladder.

      • I understand. My point of view is that people should be open with their doctors about their needs including mental and sexual needs. Then the doctor can decide what they feel is right.

        The path I took was this: I need kink to be happy. Diapers are one form of kink I chose. Hence I got myself diagnosis for incontinence. What I left out is to ask my doctors to connect my need for kink/diapers with a prescription. I only told them about my incontinence.

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