Ordered more diapers again

It’s been a while since I have bought more diapers from online. Last time I remember ordering a case was ATN and it was from someone on Reddit. Now that I am out of X Plus diapers from Bambino and I am down to a few DC Amor diapers and I am using Tena Smalls (North American version), I decided to order more finally. I got Molicare Super Plus again and I only bought one case this time knowing that Bambino will do another sale around Easter and I will check out the prices then. Daddy still talks about potty training me sometimes.

Our credit card was hacked so I had to use my husband’s credit card so it felt like I was a kid again when he handed me his credit card like he was my dad and I couldn’t remember my own password to my own paypal account so I couldn’t log into my own and switch paypal accounts on my ebay account. For some reason it was showing my husband’s account and he doesn’t have Paypal credit on his like I do on mine so he had me use his credit card instead to pay to save me the hassle of trying to figure out my password.


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