Bad rash

Thank god I am not incontinent. I have a pretty bad rash on my bottom because I didn’t use rash cream again due to laziness. Plus I didn’t wipe either because I didn’t want to go looking for wipes so I developed a rash on Friday while I was at work. I came home and took the diaper off and the rash was pretty bad so I put rash cream on it and when I wet my new diaper a little bit, my bottom started to sting again so I took the diaper off and chucked it on the floor by the couch where I was sleeping. Today I went the whole day not diapered because I was airing out my bottom and I spent all night last night sleeping with my pajamas and Always Discreet pulled part way down so my bottom would hair out. I am butt naked again under my pants so my bottom can air out but it’s a pain to feel the urge to pee feeling in my bladder due to no diaper. No matter how many times I squeeze the urine out of me, the feeling comes back a few minutes later. Drats time to hit the toilet again. I can’t stand this anymore.

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