Wet butt

Today I was in the basement on the computer with my son and listening to music on my husband’s computer. I come back to the basement after I checked up on my daughter who is napping. Then my husband calls me to come here and I walk up to him and he whispers in my ear that I leaked. I didn’t feel any wet spots so he pointed to my butt and there was the tiny wet spot. I asked him how bad it was and he said it was pretty pad. I must have peed through my diaper in the back. So I grab a clean diaper and go change in the laundry room and I looked at my pants after taking them of. Sure enough there was a wet spot in the middle of them on the butt and a tiny wet spot on the side. I change and put on some clean pants. Good thing this didn’t happen in public and the diaper was very wet almost to the top. I must have peed a lot so that is a good thing. Maybe that made me pee off a pound or so.