Ordered more diapers again

It’s been a while since I have bought more diapers from online. Last time I remember ordering a case was ATN and it was from someone on Reddit. Now that I am out of X Plus diapers from Bambino and I am down to a few DC Amor diapers and I am using Tena Smalls (North American version), I decided to order more finally. I got Molicare Super Plus again and I only bought one case this time knowing that Bambino will do another sale around Easter and I will check out the prices then. Daddy still talks about potty training me sometimes.

Our credit card was hacked so I had to use my husband’s credit card so it felt like I was a kid again when he handed me his credit card like he was my dad and I couldn’t remember my own password to my own paypal account so I couldn’t log into my own and switch paypal accounts on my ebay account. For some reason it was showing my husband’s account and he doesn’t have Paypal credit on his like I do on mine so he had me use his credit card instead to pay to save me the hassle of trying to figure out my password.

Bad rash

Thank god I am not incontinent. I have a pretty bad rash on my bottom because I didn’t use rash cream again due to laziness. Plus I didn’t wipe either because I didn’t want to go looking for wipes so I developed a rash on Friday while I was at work. I came home and took the diaper off and the rash was pretty bad so I put rash cream on it and when I wet my new diaper a little bit, my bottom started to sting again so I took the diaper off and chucked it on the floor by the couch where I was sleeping. Today I went the whole day not diapered because I was airing out my bottom and I spent all night last night sleeping with my pajamas and Always Discreet pulled part way down so my bottom would hair out. I am butt naked again under my pants so my bottom can air out but it’s a pain to feel the urge to pee feeling in my bladder due to no diaper. No matter how many times I squeeze the urine out of me, the feeling comes back a few minutes later. Drats time to hit the toilet again. I can’t stand this anymore.

Wet butt

Today I was in the basement on the computer with my son and listening to music on my husband’s computer. I come back to the basement after I checked up on my daughter who is napping. Then my husband calls me to come here and I walk up to him and he whispers in my ear that I leaked. I didn’t feel any wet spots so he pointed to my butt and there was the tiny wet spot. I asked him how bad it was and he said it was pretty pad. I must have peed through my diaper in the back. So I grab a clean diaper and go change in the laundry room and I looked at my pants after taking them of. Sure enough there was a wet spot in the middle of them on the butt and a tiny wet spot on the side. I change and put on some clean pants. Good thing this didn’t happen in public and the diaper was very wet almost to the top. I must have peed a lot so that is a good thing. Maybe that made me pee off a pound or so.