Diaper rash cream massage

My daddy decided I needed a diaper change so he took me to his bed and took my diaper off and after we had sex, he brought me back to my bed and he put a clean diaper under me. Then he rubbed rash cream all over my bottom and he kept on rubbing it down there massaging my pussy and butt and and butt hole. It felt so good and I somehow got the middle of the diaper brown because it had brown spots and I had no idea what it was. It all looked like straight lines across and my husband didn’t know what it was either so he guessed it was from me having an orgasm from rubbing me down there. He did it until his arms were sore and he rubbed the rash cream off in the diaper and put it on me.

Now with us sharing the same room now, we get to do these things more often.

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