My sleeping area

So this weekend I gave my children their own rooms and my mom helped me with it because she is more organized and knows how to plan things and break things into smaller pieces and know where to start and it resulted in having a very sore body I was limping on Sunday night and on Monday and then on Tuesday I walked more normal but still felt a little sore in my lower legs but I am feeling a lot better now. I just couldn’t stop working and I had to get it all done to get it off my mind. Now my husband and I share a room now and I now sleep in the basement with him. Each of our full beds are on each side of the room in the corner by the fireplace. he has his side, I have mine and my area is all girly and childish because it looks like a kid sleeps in this bed. I had Dora the Explorer blanket, pink sheet with white stars, stuffed animals, Hello Kitty Jelly Belly jar, mini Winnie the Pooh dresser for my Nintendo DS and 3DS games, key chains on the lamp, Build a Bear wardrobe, Build a Bear car, Shopkins, Build a Kitties. Care Bear latch hook kit set, and I plan on hanging up my two posters above my bed and I think having some fabric hanging above my bed as canopy would make it look nicer. In my other bedroom it was all spread out, it looked more like an adult’s room but now it’s all in one area. My husband teased me about it saying I was making his room look all girly so I told him he was making his room look at guyee because of his swords and shield he has up on the wall and he said he was just messing with me. I told him if he didn’t want to see my stuff, we can always go to IKEA and get something that will cover my bed and shelf so he wouldn’t have to look over here. He said he was messing with me.

Now I tease my husband about if I have to watch what i do down here now because he might get turned on and will want to have sex more and if my area turns him on and if my pajamas turn him on.

Diaper rash cream massage

My daddy decided I needed a diaper change so he took me to his bed and took my diaper off and after we had sex, he brought me back to my bed and he put a clean diaper under me. Then he rubbed rash cream all over my bottom and he kept on rubbing it down there massaging my pussy and butt and and butt hole. It felt so good and I somehow got the middle of the diaper brown because it had brown spots and I had no idea what it was. It all looked like straight lines across and my husband didn’t know what it was either so he guessed it was from me having an orgasm from rubbing me down there. He did it until his arms were sore and he rubbed the rash cream off in the diaper and put it on me.

Now with us sharing the same room now, we get to do these things more often.