Must not be seen by my girl

I must not be seen in diapers by my daughter. She is now sitting on her potty three times a day. I am going to push it to four because I will sit her on it again after she gets up from her nap. She hasn’t gone in it yet so right now it’s about getting her used to sitting on it.

She woke up in the middle of the night when I was about to go to bed but I had to finish a video first on youtube. I was messy so I had to change before bed and I also didn’t want the diaper to leak if I wet it again and have my bed stink up from the poopy diaper. So I had to place her in her crib while I go change and she was crying and screaming when my mom stormed in my room butt naked and I was naked and had just taken my diaper of and she yells ‘Feed her’ and leaves as if I was ignoring her. No she was crying because I had put her in her crib and she didn’t want to be in there. Was I supposed to change in front of her? So I ended up walking out of my room naked and having poop in my butt and I changed while my daughter ate in her high chair. I guess that is what I was supposed to do but I didn’t know what to do and I didn’t want my mom to yell at me more if I was taking too long to get clean up and changed. It was either change in front of her or let her scream and risk mom getting mad at me more or be naked. I picked the third. It took me about a minute to decide.

This is a dilemma.