Maybe I won’t have to be potty trained

Today we went out and we ate at a buffet and then we went to Toys R Us/Babies R Us and we had our daughter pick out her first potty chair. They had different selections and we took them all down and put them on the ground. She didn’t look at them at first until we started to push buttons on the potty chairs and then I discovered the flush able handle on the Mr. Potty chair. I thought maybe she isn’t ready because she wasn’t showing interest and she kept walking away and coming back and then she was looking at them.  Then my husband started to put the potty chairs back and he put Mr. Potty back up on the shelf and she reached for it squealing so my husband realized she had picked out her potty chair. He put it in the cart while I put the rest back and then I put her in the cart. She wanted to play with it and then she looked at it in the car and then this evening she played with it and she kept playing with the handle. Then we showed our mother the chair and then our daughter played with the potty seat and the potty bowl and then right before bath, she say on the chair. She seemed to be very happy to be on it and she was running around and squealing and she was excited. Then after the bath she sat on it again and I even showed her during her bath by pouring water in it that it plays music when she pees.

Maybe she will still train and Daddy won’t have to buy me any big girl underwear and toilet train me. But he still likes the idea of doing it because of my story. I have told him about my protagonist character role playing potty training with her husband and he always puts her back into diapers because of too many accidents and she just isn’t ready.

This is the potty chair our daughter picked out:


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