Famous Norwegian News reporter uses diapers


This isn’t AB/DL related. A friend online showed me this and Corina talks about battling a bowel disease. I have been looking her up through Google and reading Norwegian articles on her about her disease using a Google translator. I wouldn’t dare to ask her about her diapers like “Does your fiance change you?” “Do you ever pee in them?” “Have you ever been too lazy to go to the toilet and just use your diaper instead?” “Do you just let loose in your diaper when you have a bowel movement than trying to hold it?” I know that would put a negative light on me and on the AB/DL community because it would be like I was sexualizing her medical condition. Sometimes you just have to stay curious and not try and get your questions answered. I don’t even ask my mother in law about her diapers and I feel creeped out anyway about her wearing them because it’s my mother in law and Carina Oslet is hot and also young even though she is a few years older than me. But I think she is brave being open about her condition and admitting she has used a diaper and done it on the set and while broadcasting and even admitting in the video in the url here that she is standing there messy on stage. So I was looking online at articles about her trying to get my curious questions answered and unless she does a AMA thread on Reddit about her disease, I will keep the questions to myself.