Daughter got into my diapers

Today I came home and my husband heats up my dinner and he tells me something shocking. Our daughter got into my dirty diapers and she took the whole bag into my parents bedroom and she held open one of my diapers using both hands and she showed it to my mother. My husband saw it happen because he went upstairs to get her and that was when he saw it and he said the diaper stunk badly and he told my mother he would talk to me about it. My husband couldn’t remember what my mom said but damn this was so embarrassing I felt like I can’t face my mother ever again. She got to see the inside of my diaper and there was information being shared with her. Yes everyone here knows I wear diapers so why am I still embarrassed? Feelings are irrational. My husband didn’t make a big deal about it and he told me I was just a baby and it happens. This all happened after I had went to work.

So how did my daughter get to the diapers I don’t know. I thought I had them in the bathroom and someone must have opened the door and closed it because my husband said the door was closed and mine. So I put the toddler knob back on my door and perhaps move the diaper pail into my room so they are locked in here. But I have it in there so I could change in there so it looks like I would have to move it back and forth and try and leave it in my room.

But it could have been worse.