Diaper Disaster

This is why I should always keep a spare in my purse. I took my husband to get his pills and then I headed to the mall because he said he would just take the train home. I park my car at the mall and I wet myself and then I leak because I had peed through the diaper again. I thought about turning the car back on and just going home but then I might be late to work because I didn’t know how bad traffic would be. Last time the freeway was slow so we both ended up going to the mall and then my husband and I separated and he did his own thing while I went to the bookstore until work. So I headed inside anyway and my pants were wet, just the front where my leg is and part of the back and I don’t think they were noticeable because they were jeans and I had on a long work shirt. I head into the restroom and just wipe off my diaper to dry it off using toilet paper and my finger nail scratched the outside of the diaper leaving two slits. I had to stay in the same diaper and not pee it again so I ended up with a full bladder and dealing with the pain to go while working. The wet spots did dry eventually and I didn’t wet the diaper again until I was taking it off and I flooded it and it felt like I was swimming in it. It must have been a defective diaper again because it was the second time it’s happened. Last time I was in bed when it happened.