Search terms again

I just read another blog by someone about disturbing search terms she found and I decided to look through mine again to see if there are any interesting ones or if I have gotten anything disturbing. I have never gotten a search term yet that is about me. The ones I found that stuck out for me were:

“she is wearne a adolt diapers”

The misspelling make sit look like I am reading ‘she is wearn a Adolf diaper’ and then I see Adolf Hitler in my mind because of me being visual. Then I am seeing Adolf Hitler’s diaper. In know it’s supposed to say “she is wearing a adult diapers”

“adult diapers pooping around people”

“diapered family”

“patient required to wear diapers”

“mom’s wearing diapers pictures”

How do you wear diapers pictures lol? I know it’s supposed to mean they want to find photos of a mom wearing diapers but my literal thinking thinks of something else because of the way it’s written which made this funny.

“i see my mother in law in diapers”

I hope I never have to seer that.

“rent forced her diaper”

What? What does paying rent have to do with diapers?

“i dont want to be a diaper lover”

“life as a diaperex mother”

Luckily I am still married.

“ashleys diaper adventurez”

“mother diapered me”

“adult baby walk in mall only wear diaper”

“adult bany son secretly put on a diaper and poop into it .”

I think they meant to type baby.

“still diapered because of mom”

My son is potty trained.

“mother feel like giving up”


And these are the search terms from January 15th to today.

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