Mom gets mad about the poopy smell

I better write this now before the day ends


I had on a ABU diaper from yesterday and I finally had to do a poop again I hadn’t done since Tuesday morning. Last night I pushed and it came out but it didn’t feel like a big one and part of it still felt stuck inside of me. I did pee in it more and I could feel the pee going to the front and the diaper held it all. I slept in it and the next morning I get up and my mom makes french toast and I decide I better change. I go back upstairs and I change in my room and it’s a big mess I didn’t realize how messy it was until I opened my diaper and it was all soft and it looked runny and it did spread. I even had to wash the crap off in the tub so I wouldn’t use too many wipes and good thing we had our plumbing fixed and the clog was band aid with hair. They had to snake it after we got the pipe behind the tub replaced. It was getting corroded and it’s hard to snake through a medal pipe so they were finally able to snake through it when we replaced the tub pipe and the p trap and that is what came out. But I washed off the shit in the tub and then dried off and I put rash cream on and get a clean diaper on and get my pajamas back on and I was still upstairs when my mom gets mad at me about the smell asking if I have a poopy diaper up there and I say I just changed out of it and she raises her voice saying to get rid of it and the whole house smells like a sewer and how this is all ridiculous. I guess I took too long to get downstairs to get the trash bag to empty out the bucket because there was no more room in there for another diaper.

I get a trash bag and empty out the bucket and the waste basket and open the window and take the bag outside.

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