Crinklz review

I am finally feeling better. I have gotten sore at work for the past two days from working and feeling like I am dragging my legs across the ground because I would feel like I had lot of clothes on for winter. That is just how my legs felt when I would walk. I even came home on Thursday night and went straight to bed. No dinner, nothing. I put pajamas on and climbed into bed.


I had on a Crinklz diaper I put on yesterday when I got up. I wore it all day and wore it till this morning. It did hold a lot and the tabs held good but I had to take it off sadly because it smelled like pee and I had to go out grocery shopping with my mother. I was only wet in the middle but I could tell it was a lot of pee.

But some other time I will try those other diapers again and next time wear them when I am not sick.