A crappy diaper review

I had been sick for about a week now. Gas and I was farting and belching and having some cramping and my poop would be very soft and then I had diarrhea all of a sudden and I had some nausea. Then I was feeling better on Sunday and then I got sick again yesterday because all of a sudden I felt cramping and nausea after I ate the pasta my mom made the night before. Then I was having diarrhea all night and throwing up.

I had on Tykables and they look like good diapers, not as comfortable as Little Pawz but the tabs can restick over and over so I kept on taking it off to shit and it was all runny stool, no solid poo or soft poo and it was just tiny poop chunks too. I also had diarrhea in it because I got sick and tired of running to the toilet and I couldn’t even sleep because my tummy and my bowels kept me up all night and then I was hot and my feet and legs felt funny like they were swollen. Every time I farted, I felt poop come out and the diaper held it but when I took it off this morning, it was only messy in the middle but I still changed and I got no rashes and it didn’t hurt at all because it was all watery. So I didn’t get to test the diaper decently because I got sick again and I was sick when I tried the Mydiapers so I might have to retry them again when I am not sick because I was dehydrated so I didn’t get to pee much so I was drinking water all night long to keep hydrated.

Now I don’t know if I should go to work today or not. So far I have no had an upset stomach or been having diarrhea after eating something but I had something small. I won’t make the same mistake again and eat a big meal. I wonder if that is what happened when I ate the whole thing of pasta in the left over container my brother didn’t bring with and then it made my tummy act up again unless it was a coincidence and it took that long for the food to get to my colon and then I felt sick again. Then I felt hungry again like I was starving and then I was too afraid to eat anything because I didn’t want cramping again or nausea. Last time I was sick with diarrhea, I didn’t have any cramping which was nearly a year ago and it was on a weekend I remember. Then I would feel better until I would have orange juice and then it would get my gas going again so all night long it was very noisy and active and then I had diarrhea the next morning. But not this time because the bug is different each time.

So I know this was a crappy diaper review I just did.

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