Changing with a co worker in the stall

I was at work yesterday. I realized I had a wet spot on my jeans from my Always Discreet leaking. I go up to my floor where my cart is and I change in the restroom up there. I had another Always Discreet with me under my shirt and once I got in the restroom, I try to go in the first stall only to see it’s occupied by another employee. I could tell it was one of ours by the color of the work shirt. That person doesn’t say anything and is very quiet so I go in the handicapped stall. I take off my shoes and pants and my wet pull up and throw it away in the sanitary napkin holder and I put on the clean pull up and put my pants and shoes back on and leave. Then that person in the stall keeps on flushing their toilet and I wonder why. I wondered if she wore diapers too and she was waiting for me to leave so I leave and then stay around to listen and all I hear is the toilet flushing and I decided enough of the spying and just get to work. But it would be something if I wasn’t the only one at work who wears them.