I liked diapers when I was a toddler

My little girl keeps taking her diapers off when she is wet and she even took it off once when it was messy so my husband had to give her a bath because she got it all over her inside her pajamas so I asked my mother if I did the same thing and she said “You liked wearing diaper” but I still asked “but did I still take them off?” and she told me I didn’t because I liked wearing them so she couldn’t get me potty trained until I saw what a baby looked like so I didn’t want to wear a diaper again.

But before she told me I had it all backwards so I thought I was supposed to go in my pants and I couldn’t talk so I couldn’t understand or ask questions so she figured I wasn’t ready. So which is it?

My mom often contradicts herself about my childhood.

Could I have been a DL then and then stopped being one for a while? But if it weren’t for my parents having another baby, I wonder how much longer would I have been in them for. I wonder why my mother couldn’t go all tough love on me by not buying me more diapers and she just stops cold turkey and just let me wet my pants. Just let me poop in them and be uncomfortable in them. Just let me wet the bed and poop in it. But I guess my parents didn’t want to keep cleaning it up and having more laundry so it was easier to put me back in diapers than dealing with all this while pregnant.

But I asked if my brothers ever took theirs off and she said she couldn’t remember.

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