Yesterday my mom and I were out Christmas shopping. It was pretty packed and I have found myself attached to these little toy creatures called Shopkins. I have no idea what to do with them except look at them and sniff them and you just put them in their little bags and have them on display. Now I have six of them plus a sticker and a necklace. So I bought myself a pack of five Shopkins at Toys R Us for five bucks.

But we went to The Dollar Tree because I had to get some stuff and my mom waited in the car and when I got back, she asked me if I farted. I said “no.” Then she asked me if I pooped. I said “no” and she said it must be from outside when I opened the car door. I smelled nothing. I always swore my mom has a better sense of smell than me or unless my little cold kept me from smelling.

Then we got to the Burlington Coat Factory (now Burlington) which was right across the street and I asked her if she still smelled it and she said it was gone and it was from outside.

With diapers of course I will get the blame for bad smells but at least she wasn’t mad.

I was also smelling urine from myself in the store so I went to the restroom and changed in the stall and they didn’t have a trash can in the handicapped stall so it didn’t matter which stall I changed in. So I changed in the regular one and there was no way the AC Amer would have fit in the sanitary napkin holder but there was a woman at the sinks doing her hair and she was taking too long and the toilet behind me had flushed twice because it’s automatic. I decided to just throw it away out there so I had it hidden between me and my purse and I dumped it in the trash but it lacked trash in there because the hand dryer was air dry instead of paper towels so it was exposed in the trash and the lady didn’t say anything. I don’t know if she noticed or even looked because I had washed my hands and left drying them off on myself.

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