Something my daughter did

So my little girl is only 18 months and isn’t quite ready for potty training yet but she does take her diapers off sometimes or tries to and she watches other people in the house going potty.

This morning I go to the basement and I bring her with and I lay on the bed waiting for a diaper change and my daughter starts to life my shirt and she tugs at my pants and I realize what she is trying to do so I grabbed my clothing and asked my husband if she saw that and was she trying to pull them down. He said she was and said she knows what’s going on so I decided she is too old then to be around when I get changed so I will just stick her in her crib whenever I change so she won’t see it and pretty soon she will forget about it.

I did stick her in her in her crib and it turned out he couldn’t change me anyway because his stomach was too upset and I was stinky so he couldn’t handle it right now so I changed myself and put a clean diaper on and brought our daughter to my husband again before picking our son up from school.

Now my daddy is thinking about potty training me soon because he thinks she needs a role model for using the toilet and she needs to see me use one since she wants to be like her mother. She even carries purses now and she stole my 3DS purse and she likes computers, and likes putting on some of my clothes. She also likes my Nintendo 3DS.

I have already showed her the IKEA potty but she won’t sit on it and I am thinking to start reading her that potty book and show her videos about it online. They gotta know about it so they will start. If I ever air out again, I can have her watch me go.


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