Question from my son

“Do Grown ups wear diapers?”

Me: Some of them do

My son noticed them sticking out of my clothes so he tugged at it and asked that question and I pulled him away. He made another comment and I ignored it and then he seemed to have forgotten about it because he move on. I am the only grown up he knows who wears. He caught my husband once in them and boy was he mad at him for barging in his room without knocking. But hopefully he didn’t notice or he has forgotten about it I hope.


4 thoughts on “Question from my son

  1. I’m a DL and I don’t have kids yet, but I’m sure kids will find out sooner or later, if their parents wear diapers and why. Do you sometimes think about what happens, when they start telling their friends or teachers in kindergarten, that their parents are DLs?

    I’m afraid, that some ignorant teachers could start calling the authorities because they don’t know the difference between DLs and paedophiles.

    I suppose you could try to constantly lie to your kids, that it is for medical reasons, but I don’t think, that’s a good idea either.

    • They don’t know I am a DL and my computer is password protected, I just have to shut it off every time I don’t use it. I think it also helps make it last longer too so it won’t die on me quicker or wear out the motherboard sooner. My son is too young to even know how to use it and he can’t read yet. But thanks for commenting and reading.

  2. Do you think, that it could be a problem when he gets older? Most children I know are very curious, and start asking questions about almost anything. What will you tell him, when he asks, why exactly you are wearing diapers? Most children won’t just stop asking, when they feel, that their question is not really answered. Will you honest or will you lie to him?

    To be honest; Thinking about such questions has in part kept me from having children of my own. So I’m really grateful for advice from somebody who has kids and is a AB/DL.

    • I certainly hope it won’t be a problem and I can’t see how a kid can get traumatized by a parent wearing a diaper or otherwise other kids would by incontinent parents. I decided on 24/7 so it would be normal for my son and it won’t be weird because I can’t see how it can be hidden and not ever have your kids find out and I tried to keep it hidden from my family but I was caught and it was very stressful trying to keep it hidden so I decided I wasn’t going to live that way ever again. How would I explain to my child why I wear diapers sometimes? So hence the 24/7. If I were incontinent, then it would be much easier and I wouldn’t have to feel shame if anyone is against 24/7 diaper lifestyle for parents because then it wouldn’t apply to me and I would have a ledigimate excuse. As for telling, I don’t know yet. I prefer to not even think about it. I can see how lying can do harm and I can see how freaked out a kid might be if their parent told them they chose to wear them and didn’t have a psyhcial need for them. My mom didn’t have a problem telling me at 15 that some men like to wear women’s clothing and dress up as one and I thought that was very weird then but didn’t really care so a kid might be old enough then to be told some people just like to wear diapers but i would expect them to think that it’s weird. But since I already am weird, that will just be another weird thing about me. ūüėČ

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