So many non sexual fetishes


I was a Londonphile in my teens. I probably have a writingphile. I used to joke about having a Benny & Joon fetish or a Spokane fetish. I also have a internet fetish and a computer fetish and I have a Natalie fetish (my own character).

The url was posted on ADISC because someone objected to the word fetish because diapers were not sexual for him and then he wrote “gotcha” when the url was posted.

A thread saddened me

On Reddit, someone posted about being 24/7 and even though he didn’t mention his kids in his OP, the other poster did and the OP said his was still a baby. But I see he has 16 upvotes already and the part in his reply where he admitted he is not that secretive about his diapers much either. That post got five upvotes. When I posted my very first thread there, I got down voted and my responses were down voted and yet they are fine with him wearing 24/7 as a parent but not with me. I felt sad because I was feeling again I was being singled out and treated different. Plus things got made up in that thread where I got accused of changing my poopy diaper in front of my son when I never wrote that and I wonder if others read that comment and believed it without bothering to read this blog first before believing anything they hear. Plus I was accused of trolling and the OP talked about wearing diapers 24/7 while I mentioned I have kids and lid with my parents and with my husband. The OP only mentioned his wife. Just the reason why the rating system sucks, people then feel bad and wonder what they are doing wrong and I know it’s used as a popularity thing and people feel disliked and the voting system can also be abused where you can just down vote anything to hide the comment. But on the bright side the OP had 87% upvotes so someone didn’t agree with his lifestyle either.  And also those negative people I encountered might all be gone and these are just whole new people upvoting.

Now the voting is at 95% upvotes. I also had good upvotes and then they went down to 42% and I had 0 points while the OP has 17.

Here is the thread I am talking about:


Question from my son

“Do Grown ups wear diapers?”

Me: Some of them do

My son noticed them sticking out of my clothes so he tugged at it and asked that question and I pulled him away. He made another comment and I ignored it and then he seemed to have forgotten about it because he move on. I am the only grown up he knows who wears. He caught my husband once in them and boy was he mad at him for barging in his room without knocking. But hopefully he didn’t notice or he has forgotten about it I hope.

Changed in the living room

My X plus diaper was very soaked and it smelled like urine and I could feel it was leaking so I told my husband I needed a diaper change. He told me to come downstairs but I didn’t want to leave our daughter alone in her highchair so I decided to just wait when she is finished eating. But my husband came up with a diaper instead and changed me on the living room rug. He said it turned me on and I joked about having a Natalie fetish (the character from my stories) because she has gotten changed in the family room of her house so I imagined being her and my husband told me it’s because it’s my fantasy. My parents were not home or our son. But then I had to take care of my own diaper.