The way men think

I hear men are disorganized and women are organized, girls talk more than boys, men are oblivious, women are more detail orientated, men are forgetful and tend to misplace things (my husband wanted a BB gun and he had to be talked out of it), women are more into fashion which is why they own so many pairs of shoes and clothes than guys do, men don’t read between the lines easily, men see cleanness and messes differently than women do.

I remember back when I first had a profile on Diaper Mates in 2006, I had a long detailed profile because it had sections that had you fill out so I had out what I wanted in someone, things about me and my hobbies, my AB side, my appearance. I had myself listed as an AB and DL and I had said in my profile I wanted a daddy and I had a list of baby items I owned. I also had down my location.

I got a bunch of messages from guys and some of them would ask me if I use my bottles and pacifiers. I would answer yes to their silly question because I was being polite. I never understood why they were asking me this because that is like me asking someone if they wear their underwear or if they use their refrigerator or their stove or their vacuum. Then I met Jerry and he also didn’t know I used them because I didn’t say in my profile I did. Why would I? I had myself listed as an AB and said I was looking for a daddy. Wouldn’t anyone in the AB/DL community know how AB/DL works? But men think differently than women, for me it was obvious but for a guy it was not. They need things more explicit than women. But I eventually added to my profile “yes I use them” because sometimes things are not clear enough for guys. But that question being asked did stop after I stuck it in there. Even my husband would have been oblivious too because he told me when I told him about it and his excuse also was I could just be a mommy. I told him “why would I have AB in my profile and say I am looking for a daddy?” and he said I could have wanted both so I said “Wouldn’t I have also listed I wanted to be a mommy?”

Men, can’t live with them, can’t live without them.