My mom was in the bathroom

I had to strip down to my diaper again in front of my mother. It is still uncomfortable but she has no problem seeing me in them. Last night I was going to take a shower but Mom was in the bathroom and she saw me and I said I was going to shower and she said “Go ahead, you can come in.” I come in and I take off my top and my socks and I just stand there but I realize my mom would be on the toilet for a while because she is taking a dump. I know my mom doesn’t like me trying to hide from her because she has told me before it’s okay and she knows I wear them so I don’t need to be embarrassed. So I finally take off my jeans and take off my wet diaper and roll it up and put it in the diaper pail. My mom didn’t say a word about it. I talked about this to her and she told me he is too young to be there and he likes to move around and talk when he watches shows. Nothing was said about my diapers, only the concert which I brought up because of the passive-aggressive note.

But luckily I didn’t have to put a diaper on in front of her and she has never said anything when I refuse to put one on in front of her. I just go in my kids bedroom and put it on if she or Dad are in the bathroom and my son is in my bedroom.


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