My daughter loves my diapers

I kept an opened pack of AC Amor diapers in my husband’s bedroom and she kept trying to get into them and I had to keep shooing her away from them.

Today I came home from work and I went to the basement and before my daddy changed my diaper he told me she got into my diapers so he had them in his drawer. He told me that she was playing with them so she had them all over the floor. I told him “she must like her mommy’s diapers” and he said she liked the color and she liked the kittens on them.

How am I liking these diapers so far, I don’t think they hold that much but I keep changing before they even have a lot of pee in them because they either start to reek of urine or my bottom starts to sting so it’s time to change and the first time it was because I had messed in it and one other time it leaked. I will keep wearing these diapers to see how good they are. I also ordered about five diapers from Wearing Clouds and one of them is the OOP Anime AC Amor diaper.


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