It’s none of his business and my husband’s public accident

I come home after picking my son up from school and I set my daughter down and gave my son an ice cream sandwich he asked for. They are both in the living room playing while I was in the kitchen about to get myself a burrito after I finish my own ice cream sandwich when I see a guy walking by our window with a package in his hand and I knew it was the diapers daddy got me. I open the door and bring the box inside and my son starts asking what it is and I tell him it’s for me and he wants to know what’s in it and I tell him it’s very personal and it’s a grown up thing. He still wanted to know what it is so I finally tell him it’s personal and not for him to know and he still tries to probe me for the answer so I tell him it’s none of his business. I send him out of the kitchen to play with his little sister and as I am cutting it open, my son comes in through the dining room so I shut the door. Then my husband walks in through the door and I tell him I think he made a mistake with his order because they sent him Bambino Classicos and he said that is what he got. I thought he got the AC Amor diaper samples in his size. But my son still wanted to know what was in the box so my husband took care of it and I took the box downstairs and put the diapers away where we keep them now. They’re still kept in the garage but we now keep them on the steps behind the door. My mother doesn’t have to see now I got more diapers unless she wonders where the box came from.

Then my husband told me he had to shower because he pooped his diaper. I could smell it when he got close to me and he told me it happened before he got his hair cut because he couldn’t hold it. So he had his hair cut in his messy diaper and i thought that was so hot. I was surprised he wasn’t humiliated or even embarrassed. So he came home smelling like shit. People might have thought someone farted.

Edit: I got a comment from someone about this post and there were some misunderstandings. My son was not in the room when my husband told me he pooped himself, he said it quietly to my ear, he didn’t poop his diaper on purpose, he just couldn’t hold it and he tried holding it and it came out. He has even has public accidents without a diaper on occasionally.My son came in the kitchen while I was opening the box and I shut the door to the kitchen and dining room so he couldn’t see. My husband told me to bring the whole thing to the basement than taking them out in the kitchen so I did just that. My son goes to school only in the mornings so it was still before noon when we got back and I gave him an ice cream sandwich because he wanted one so he was not waiting for dinner. I know everyone is entitled to an opinion about kids so some might think kids shouldn’t have an ice cream sandwich before lunch or dinner but me I don’t see the big deal when it’s noon. My son also saw me go outside and bringing in the box. Perhaps I should have left it out there on the stoop, it was nice out than raining or cloudy and the ground was dry. But I don’t always think. I saw the package coming and I got excited and then went right to the door forgetting about food for myself and then I realized later I never had my two burritos and I also didn’t think about my kids when the box got dropped off at our front door. My husband had to tell me to just bring it all to the basement than taking it out upstairs and gosh why didn’t I think of that? Thank you daddy.