The way men think

I hear men are disorganized and women are organized, girls talk more than boys, men are oblivious, women are more detail orientated, men are forgetful and tend to misplace things (my husband wanted a BB gun and he had to be talked out of it), women are more into fashion which is why they own so many pairs of shoes and clothes than guys do, men don’t read between the lines easily, men see cleanness and messes differently than women do.

I remember back when I first had a profile on Diaper Mates in 2006, I had a long detailed profile because it had sections that had you fill out so I had out what I wanted in someone, things about me and my hobbies, my AB side, my appearance. I had myself listed as an AB and DL and I had said in my profile I wanted a daddy and I had a list of baby items I owned. I also had down my location.

I got a bunch of messages from guys and some of them would ask me if I use my bottles and pacifiers. I would answer yes to their silly question because I was being polite. I never understood why they were asking me this because that is like me asking someone if they wear their underwear or if they use their refrigerator or their stove or their vacuum. Then I met Jerry and he also didn’t know I used them because I didn’t say in my profile I did. Why would I? I had myself listed as an AB and said I was looking for a daddy. Wouldn’t anyone in the AB/DL community know how AB/DL works? But men think differently than women, for me it was obvious but for a guy it was not. They need things more explicit than women. But I eventually added to my profile “yes I use them” because sometimes things are not clear enough for guys. But that question being asked did stop after I stuck it in there. Even my husband would have been oblivious too because he told me when I told him about it and his excuse also was I could just be a mommy. I told him “why would I have AB in my profile and say I am looking for a daddy?” and he said I could have wanted both so I said “Wouldn’t I have also listed I wanted to be a mommy?”

Men, can’t live with them, can’t live without them.

My Super Seni Quatro review

My mom was in the bathroom

I had to strip down to my diaper again in front of my mother. It is still uncomfortable but she has no problem seeing me in them. Last night I was going to take a shower but Mom was in the bathroom and she saw me and I said I was going to shower and she said “Go ahead, you can come in.” I come in and I take off my top and my socks and I just stand there but I realize my mom would be on the toilet for a while because she is taking a dump. I know my mom doesn’t like me trying to hide from her because she has told me before it’s okay and she knows I wear them so I don’t need to be embarrassed. So I finally take off my jeans and take off my wet diaper and roll it up and put it in the diaper pail. My mom didn’t say a word about it. I talked about this to her and she told me he is too young to be there and he likes to move around and talk when he watches shows. Nothing was said about my diapers, only the concert which I brought up because of the passive-aggressive note.

But luckily I didn’t have to put a diaper on in front of her and she has never said anything when I refuse to put one on in front of her. I just go in my kids bedroom and put it on if she or Dad are in the bathroom and my son is in my bedroom.

My daddy was caught by our son

Diaper changes can be so hard with kids. I pooped and went in the basement later to get changed and my husband was back in bed again. He said he was just laying there because he had a headache. So I lay with him and he said he couldn’t change me because he wasn’t feeling good so I decided I would just wait. I am too lazy to change a messy diaper so I would hold off. Then when I was talking about our diapers and us peeing in them and pooping, my husband says he is starting to get turned on. I knew what this meant so I decided to manipulate his penis by provoking it. I keep talking about diapers to turn him on so he would have sex. Sex means a diaper change so he would have to clean me up before sex. Just when I was getting close to a diaper change, my son comes down.

My husband tried to get him to leave by telling him we were napping and he would have to nap with us if he wanted to be down here so he leaves. Then he comes back a few minutes later with my Bob the Builder doll and he uses it as a pillow to lay on and he wanted to lay with us. My husband keeps trying to get him to leave by telling him he would have to lay still, make no sound and then he said in my ear “Sorry I tried.”

Then later I just take him back upstairs, give him some cereal and turn the TV on to Nick Jr. and he is preoccupied so I go back to the basement. We get to do my diaper change after I had to turn my daddy on again by talking about diapers and masturbating in mine laying next to him. He tells me to get a diaper little girl so I grab one from his drawer. Then he takes of my sleeper and he undoes my diaper and cleans me up using three wipes. He said it was a big one and it was all over and even in my pussy. Then we were having sex and we both hear our son come and my daddy pulls out of me and heads for the door but it opens and my son sees him in his diaper and my daddy scolds him to get out and closes it. He then diapers me and said our play time was over. I said I liked diaper changes more than sex so I am not upset. He puts his pants back on as I put my pajamas on again. Then I took up the bag of diapers because my diaper smelled and the bag was full and I didn’t want the whole room to stink so I took them out to the outside trash. It already has two other bags of used diapers which belong to me and daddy and out daughter so it’s going to be more trash bags of used diapers. Our trash pick up is next week so good thing we got a big huge trash can.

Our son hadn’t said anything about his dad wearing them so I am not going to say anything about it. Maybe he didn’t notice. But he was mad when he walked right in on us. Maybe we should buy a lock for the door or start putting things in front of it to make it harder for him to come in. We could place the playpen there and coffee table and the IKEA coffee table. I think I will go the cheap way.

My DC Amor Anime diaper review

The tabs ripped from the diaper so I had to use packing tape and I say they hold very good and I was soaked when I got changed. But the tabs hold good on the diaper but sadly they don’t hold long as you wear them because they rip from the diaper but the tabs stay on the plastic landing.

Seni Super Plus review

I just got changed out of it and they held very good. They didn’t leak at all and they never sagged so that is a A plus there. But the smell is bad and the tabs ripped from the diaper as I wore it and I didn’t even know about it until I pulled my pants down. So I would say there goes that diaper I wouldn’t want to wear again. I didn’t take a photo of it this time. The fit is also good.

My wet cloth like Cushie diaper review

I just got changed out of this diaper and they do get uncomfortable with a little pee in it because of the sag so I wore my swim bottoms over it. I wore it all day until around 9PM and I didn’t count how many times I wet it. I don’t do normal pees in it like you do in the toilet so it’s always smaller amounts. But I soaked it and then it leaked a little so that meant it was time to change and it was smelling like piss anyway. Now I am wearing a Seni Super Plus diaper from Europe.

But here is my wet Cushie diaper I made if you are interested.

You can tell it’s wet this time and it’s wetter than I got the other diaper.