Message to my online friend in Oregon

My email account had been hacked so you will no longer see me online or if you do, that person is probably sending you spam or being a bot or sending you spam from my email account.

But I am using my other email I have put in this blog you can find in About Me so you can add that user ID to your messenger. Sadly I just cannot remember your username due to random numbers at the end.

Update: I apparently got my old email address back because my other password just started working again. Either it was some weird glitch in the system or they fixed it and didn’t tell me but I changed my password anyway. But I have like four different email addresses. The 5th other one I have not used since high school so I have no idea if the other one is active and the 6th one I have not used since high school so I have no idea if that account is still active. But I will say I have four email accounts. Wait, five email accounts I have. Two yahoo, one Hotmail, one gmail, and one aol. I had one other yahoo account but I think that closed because yahoo automatically closes accounts when they have not been active for no more than a year and because I never logged into that account, it would be inactive.