The most idiotic comment I have seen in a long time

I saw a comment on Daily Diapers and I am not going to bother to name the thread or say who it is but it was the most stupidest comment ever someone wrote. I just couldn’t be bothered to respond because I felt they won’t listen anyway. Jerry was one of them. But the person who wrote that anyone who sexualizes things that are associated with babies and toddlers should stay away from them. What?

I told that person just because people are into paraphilic infantilism does not mean they get turned on by babies and toddlers.  I also wrote put it this way, lot of people are turned on by males and females but they are not sexually attracted to kids and underage teens and their age would be a turn off for us. But yet they still had their ignoramus view. Thinking I suppress it. What? What am I suppressing? That is like saying I suppress my sexuality for other women. There is nothing to suppress if there is no sexual attraction. I am not sexually attracted to kids in diapers or babies or toddlers. It does nothing for me. I still have a little one in diapers and her being in them does nothing for me. What they wrote was very offensive, accusing me of being sexually attracted and suppressing it.

There is nothing sexy about a underage person wearing them. What they wrote was borderline implying we are all pedophiles, those who are into this sexually, and that reminded me of Jerry about his attitude about AB/DLs and I hate all those people with that thought. Even though he saw nothing sexy about it, he still saw it sexually or else he wouldn’t have felt so negative about it and calling us all pedophiles and saying he feels he is with a baby but then again I think he was over compensating because he felt so negative about it so he projected and acted that way about it.

That. person. Is. An. Idiot.

5 thoughts on “The most idiotic comment I have seen in a long time

  1. That argument will unfortunately always be in the a holes favor. Simply because diapers, to society are weird and taboo. So its easy for anyone who doesn’t get it to say ” oh they like diapers they must be pedos” I look at it like this. Im a straight guy. Hot Women in bathing suits turn me on. Men in bathing suits do not. To me a (kid in a bathing suit = a guy in a bathing suit): as far a sexual attraction goes. Same with diapers. Hot women in diapers turn me on. Guys/kids in diapers do not. I dont know if this helps or just confuses everyone

  2. Honestly, people don’t think through a whole host of things and they don’t want to think through things. It is so frustrating at times. Their thoughts come from unstated assumptions they’re laboring under which have not proven.

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