Always Discreet, not

Today I decided to wear a pair to work instead of taking them off. I got two packs at Big lots and there were seven in a pack so 14 total. I wear them to work and I pee in them but not a lot but when break time comes, I sit down and after break, I notice the back of my pants are wet like I had sat in a puddle. No humiliation here. i just kept on working and then I change after I get done working and I tear the pull up off and put on a Walgreens diaper.

I swear these pull ups are made for accidents when the woman stands but they are not made to hold when she sits because she is expected that she will change after her accident because she didn’t make it to the bathroom in time. So they leaked when I sat. I will never wear them to work again and a Walgreens diaper holds more than this.