What I don’t have to deal with

My mom asked me to give her some toilet paper. She was in the bathroom so I called for Dad and asked if there was any toilet paper. “He said Yeah over here.”

I didn’t know where the sound was coming from, downstairs or from his room and I kept asking where is the toilet paper and he kept saying ‘Over here’ and I realized he wasn’t going to tell me where ‘over here’ is so I asked “Where are you?” “In here” I asked again “Are you upstairs or downstairs?”

My mom said, “he is downstairs.”

So I go downstairs and I look in the living room and he isn’t in there. I asked again where he is and he goes “in here.”

I turn around and ask where is the toilet paper and he goes “In the bathroom here.”

Oh he is in the kitchen  so I go in the kitchen and go in the bathroom without seeing him and he hands me a roll. he said we only had two left so he will go out and get some more when he heads out.

I brought the roll upstairs and gave it to my mother behind the door and she took it thanking me.

This is something i don’t have to deal with anymore, being out of toilet paper so I never even think about it. But I still poop in the potty or pee in it when I air out so I still have to deal with no toilet paper sometimes but not as much. I only have to deal with no wipes. Something toilet users don’t have to deal with.


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