Bye bye panties

I was working on the yard sale again today and I got out my underwear I had up in the attic for over two years and I always kept them in a plastic bag sheets or pillow cases came in when you buy them in stores. Then it was out in the other garage with the other stuff we are going to sell. I got those out and looked through them and I was surprised lot of them were worn. They all looked disgusting not something I would want to see at a yard sale or even in the free box. They were all worn, stained, had holds or were falling apart, stretched out, and the elastic part was stiff and it looked stretched out. There were only three pairs that were in good shape because I seldom wore them and one of the pairs I never liked because they felt scratchy on me because of the fabric. So I put them all in baggies and marked them for sale and I tossed the rest in the trash can.

I felt bad for throwing them away and still do but I am not going to wear them again and there is no way they would sell and no one will want them. I have had seven of those pair since I was 14, and four other pair since I was 15 and so on. Some I have had since my late teens so no wonder they all looked faded and worn and in bad shape and the seams were coming undone. The other three that were in good shape, one pair I didn’t like the fabric of I have had since I was about 18, the other two I have had since my early twenties but I didn’t wear them very much because they were plain. One pair of blue and the other pair was black and they looked fancy. But I never throw anything away and this time I got brave and tossed out those panties. They were also stained from my menstrual blood too. Who will also want that?

What I don’t have to deal with

My mom asked me to give her some toilet paper. She was in the bathroom so I called for Dad and asked if there was any toilet paper. “He said Yeah over here.”

I didn’t know where the sound was coming from, downstairs or from his room and I kept asking where is the toilet paper and he kept saying ‘Over here’ and I realized he wasn’t going to tell me where ‘over here’ is so I asked “Where are you?” “In here” I asked again “Are you upstairs or downstairs?”

My mom said, “he is downstairs.”

So I go downstairs and I look in the living room and he isn’t in there. I asked again where he is and he goes “in here.”

I turn around and ask where is the toilet paper and he goes “In the bathroom here.”

Oh he is in the kitchen  so I go in the kitchen and go in the bathroom without seeing him and he hands me a roll. he said we only had two left so he will go out and get some more when he heads out.

I brought the roll upstairs and gave it to my mother behind the door and she took it thanking me.

This is something i don’t have to deal with anymore, being out of toilet paper so I never even think about it. But I still poop in the potty or pee in it when I air out so I still have to deal with no toilet paper sometimes but not as much. I only have to deal with no wipes. Something toilet users don’t have to deal with.