My mom asked a strange question

I was in my kids room watching youtube. I was watching Riley Kilo’s review on Tru Fit Goodnites when my parents came home and my mom came in the room and I was naked in the rocking chair with her computer on my lap. I had on a bra and socks. My mom asked me if I got sore again and I realized right away what she was talking about so I said sort of and she asked me if I was airing out and I said no and that I was about to shower. My mom commented how I was naked and I said I came home and took my clothes off and my husband gave me my food and I got distracted by the video and I am going to shower in a little bit. My mom looked at the video and it was underwear that came with a insert on the inside and you put in the pad and and my mom asked me this strange question.

“Do lot of people wear diapers?”

That caught me off guard and I said instead, “I thought you said they did.”

She said, “I don’t know, do they?”

I said “maybe.”

Then she commented that the diaper looked like my daughter’s. Then the video ended and it showed Riley wearing the Goodnite underwear and my mom said “Geez.”

Okay my mom told me when I was 11 that lot of people wear diapers. She is a nurse so she probably has seen lot of her patients in them. Over 25 million people experience incontinence in North America and adults diapers are made for that and there are pads and pull ups for it too depending on the level. My mom has mentioned about lot of people having bladder problems so they wear pull ups. She works in hospice so she has patients who are dying to wear them (word play) and she even has some in her car she hands out to her patients’ families for when they need more and don’t have the money to get more. They’re all the crappy brand, Depends underwear and sometimes the briefs.

Why did she ask such a strange question when she is aware how common diapers are? Maybe she meant diaper lovers. :/


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