Back in diapers

I am back in diapers again because the rash got better. I put on a Certainity diaper from Walgreens and I go to work and I soak it and I take a shower and then put on a Bellissimo again using rash cream. I stay dry all night until morning and my rash didn’t hurt and I stayed in that diaper all day and I peed a lot because I had too much to drink. Then I went to work in that same diaper and came home and showered and the thing was soaked in the middle but it could still hold more but I changed into a fresh one anyway using rash cream. My rash still isn’t hurting so that is good. I also remember to use wipes when I change so i get pee off my butt so I won’t get a rash. I hate taking frequent potty trips and feelings my bladder all the time. A diaper gets rid of that feeling all the time.