“Go Change Your Diaper”

Mom and I were going through our stuff in the garage to sell for our upcoming yard sale. I go through the toys to sell and we put the toys together. I am tired of all the clutter and my son just throws it around so I decided to just get rid of it and I told him he needed to sell some of his stuff so he can get new toys and I told him to go through what he doesn’t want. I took out some stuff we were keeping and my mom mentioned she smelled urine. I said I would take care of it and I keep on working. Then later she finally told me to go change my diaper. I go change and I see I am only wet in the middle so I had room for more urine but it stunk because I had it on since last night. I changed anyway and I noticed the different in the diaper than the wet wet. Then I cane back out with another ball I found that belongs to another toy. It’s not like I wasted a diaper because I would have changed anyway before work because I wouldn’t want to walk out in public smelling like piss.