New diaper bag

My purse was falling apart so it was time to get a new one. I went to Goodwill and looked at purses. I looked at the big ones and my son enjoyed seeing them all and thought the little ones were for kids. He was even trying to help me pick one out but I told him that purse wasn’t big enough and I needed a big one so I could fit my stuff in it. I look at the big ones I could find and I put each one in the cart so I can look at it later and decide. I even liked the purple one but discovered a part was broken off that keeps the flap closed so I put it back. Less decisions to make now. So I found two good ones and kept them in the cart. Then I looked around. I looked at the game controllers and then saw what diapers they had and all they had were pull ups. I also looked at the toys and left my son there and went to the books and then I heard my son crying “Mommy.” I said I was right here and he kept calling my name so I just went over and got him because I didn’t want to shout across the store at the top of my lunges so he can hear me and follow my voice. He was crying, poor thing and I called his name and I said “Did you think I left you?” and he said “yeah” and I went back to the books and he went with me. Last year and the year before he would have loved to stay at the toys and won’t get scared but he was too young then to be left alone so I didn’t leave him with the toys then but this time I felt he was old enough because I can remember being in toy aisles alone that young and he got scared instead. Kids change.

My son wanted a Hello Kitty book I found so I got him it and I got myself a book by Ann Rule and I forget the name of it. I also got him some candy and I got myself some too. Then we went home and I cooked up some mac and cheese and I find out my husband doesn’t like it because he had it too much. So only my daughter had some and me and my son wouldn’t eat his so I stuck it in the fridge with the rest of the mac and cheese. My mother in law was also over and she didn’t want any either because she had already eaten.

Here are the diaper bags I got:

This will be my primary diaper bag.

My other one for if I have to pack a premium diaper which would be too big for the other one.

It has different sections in there unlike the other one. It looked like it was meant to fit a laptop in there.