Yay for diapers

I came across a thread on Reddit here:


And it made me so happy I don’t have to deal with that. I can just go whenever. But I can’t think of a time when it was the worst time I ever had to pee. I remember being in 6th grade once and we were down in California coming back from the San Diego Zoo. It was night out, my bladder was full with pee and I really had to go but my parents don’t stop. I can’t remember if I mentioned I had to go or not. But I fell sleep in the car and I woke up later with my bladder very full and it felt like I was going to wet myself. I have a strong bladder so it’s impossible for me to have accidents and that is probably why some people get UTI’s because they aren’t able to have accidents for holding it for too long because it just releases on its own for some folks. But I said something about it and said I feel like I am going to wet myself. So my dad had to stop at a gas station and I went and I felt so much better and I got a ice cream cone. A big one. I wouldn’t say this was the worst time because there are always gas stations on the road or other places for you to do. Unless it was the middle of nowhere and it had hundreds of miles without services and you had no way of stopping to go, then yeah.  I would have just gone on the side of the road if that happened.

Now the question should be “What is the worst time you ever needed to change your diaper?” How about needing to change but you can’t find a place to do it or being stuck on a bus or elevator and needing a new diaper or being at someone’s house and you need to change and you have no way of disposing your diaper, or not having an extra diaper to change into. The worst one was when I was 21, we were coming back from Mexico and I was in Denver with my family and brothers friends and I was sick. I had bad stomach cramps off and on and then I would have diarrhea. I was on my last diaper and I got very bad gas pains again and then I pooped and it spread all over and it stunk bad. I panicked and I was stuck in that diaper until we landed again. My mom was mad at me about the accident and I felt stupid for not packing Goodnites in my backpack. I didn’t know I would run out of diapers. My bottom itched and it was very uncomfortable and this was the worst time ever I needed a clean diaper. I had travel sickness I believe. I was like this for three weeks after we got back. It was not fun because I had to keep running to the bathroom every time I got gas pains because I didn’t know if it would just be gas or poop when I would fart. Also drinking too much water would make my stomach act up too I remember so I had to cut back on water.