Smallest messy diaper

I did this on August 6th and I was going to upload it but I forgot so I am doing it now. I messed my diaper and then I changed the next day and it turned out the mess was not that big. It stuck to my butt and I had it fall off my bum into the diaper. It’s just two small turds and brown streak from the poo on the diaper. I did dump the turds in the toilet. I have been pooping small amounts lately for some reason. i do this off and on and then comes along the gas pains and diarrhea. I am hoping it won’t happen again this time.


What the hell?

I sometimes like to look at my stats and see how people find my blog with search terms they use and I came across this:

In case you can’t read it, it says “video of kids forced to wear diapers.”

People sure search weird things in this community and somehow that search term took them to this blog. But that was the first time I ever saw anything fucked up in my stats for what people search. But really, who would want to watch kids being forced to wear diapers. If it was about an adult being forced to wear, I wouldn’t have thought anything about it and not even make a post making a big deal about it.

New blog

I had decided to create a new blog. I have ran out of AB/DL things to write about and nothing interesting ever happens to a point that I feel it’s worthy to blog about so thus the reason why I have been blogging about none AB/DL things and I have thought for a while now about creating a new blog and put it all there. I will still keep this one for you and others to enjoy.

But here is my new url:

I am not good with creative names.I will be posting there from now on with my none AB/DL posts and come here and blog again if I have anything AB/DL to say.