Finding things

Mom and I went through our stuff in the garage. It was still morning and we did it before it got too hot out but instead it got cloudy so it stayed cool out. We had the keep pile, the sell pile, and the trash pile. We went in boxes to see what we wanted to keep or get rid of. I even found my VCR that got lost and it was in my old laundry basket. Someone had moved it. I also found our PS2 extension controller cord and I found the PS2 plug in and misplaced it again. I found my old sweater and tossed in the sell pile, I also found a pair of shoes that belonged to one of my parents, I found my brother’s old camera made by Fisher Price but they no longer make film for it. I also found my mom’s old nursing license and she had photos from when me and my brothers were little. I also tossed out our Sega Genesis game cases because they had no games in them so I assume someone must have taken them when they still lived in Montana. We sometimes had thieves at our house because sometimes my games would disappear and it would upset me and my brothers wouldn’t tell me what happened to them. I’m glad those days are over.

Mom and I got done around noon and then we moved the stuff back in the garage and left the trash pile outside. It was mostly boxes and the half of hot tub cover. I also sort out out the cords in my room in the evening and they were all tangled up and I found the PS2 cord that hooks into the color things in the VCR or TV and into the system so I kept it and I found one broken cord and tossed it. I also hooked up my VCR to see if it still worked and it did. My husband found a cord hook up for it. Now I am so happy to have a VCR again and can watch VHS tapes. I watched The Parent Trap and it took me until I was 29 to figure out what Nick meant when he said Them.” She was actually asking him to pick between her and his daughters and he picked his daughters. I always thought she was asking him to pick her or his daughters to go off to Switzerland and I was confused that she got upset when he said “them” and my mom said it was the look on his face and the fact he looked at her when he said it and I always wondered how she knew he meant her instead of them. But now I get it. She meant pick between her and them for who he wants to keep. I was just being literal so no wonder I didn’t get it.

Now we have to go through our house now. I found a few video games I wanted to get rid of. I didn’t like that Barbie Detective game so I decided to sell it and get rid of few of my GBA games and Game Boy. We have that chair in the laundry room we don’t even use so we can sell that or take it to my uncle’s. My parents are planning on turning his house into a place for us to hang out at for whenever we go to Montana. Nothing is owed on the house so we don’t have to pay for it. I think the land is paid off too because it was our grandfather’s.

I also found my old sensory issue brush thing that was used to treat tactile issues and then it got misplaced again because my mom put stuff back in the garage and I don’t know where she put it all. Oh well. I used to use it on my bites that would itch because it felt better and that was the only time I could stand the brush on my skin. I also found my old bow I had from when I was a kid and it still was fine and I decided I would use it for my daughter for when she gets bigger.

Things sure show up when you go through things to get rid of and then it sucks when you misplace things again. At least I didn’t misplace the VCR again.