My husband’s surprise

I came home from work and boy it’s hot outside. I am not sure what the temperature is but it was hot where I don’t want to be outside. I come inside and I see some food on the kid’s plate and a bottle. I say “Hello?” and my husband says hi from the living room. I ask him if that is my food on the kiddy plate with the bottle and he comes in and says “did I surprise you?” I say “yes” and he tells me to get to the table. I carry the plate to the living room and sit at the table. Both our kids were still up and I eat the sandwich bagel and I don’t drink from the bottle because we had our son in the room so I took the top off and drank out of it like a cup.
Then my husband opened the cheese stick for me. Then when I was done eating, I went upstairs to shower and my husband took my clothes off me. Of course we shood our son to the bathroom and kept him out of my room. Then he took my diaper off me and I headed to the bathroom to shower.