The problem with my computer

I tried to get my computer fixed through Dell and they got the sound to work but it breaks out so it skips so I still have to use headphones. But they were going to charge $239 for software warranty for a year so I got my husband because he handles the finances and they said it’s good for a year so that way if anything goes wrong they will fix it and I wanted them to fix it for one time but he told me it would cost us $239 still to have it fixed so we will just take it in because it will be cheaper. But now I know what the problem is, something didn’t update, the Windows did but not the software or hard drive, I don’t remember which. That is probably why I have been having problems with the right mouse button working and why it doesn’t always recognize plugged in software like my portable CD ROM drive or why my right mouse button on my computer mouse doesn’t work sometimes so I have to fight it to get it to work and why sound wasn’t working. Windows gets updated and it sometimes messed things up on your computer, this is one of the reasons why I hate Windows Update and why I always had it turned off when I live in Montana because it would fuck things up on my computer and I couldn’t afford to take it in to get it always fixed but since we are under warranty it doesn’t matter but we only have the other warranty, no the software. My husband said he tried to get it renewed once but they wouldn’t do it because it had already expired so I guess he didn’t want to pay for it this time and it would have cost us that much for them to update it this one time. I think I will take it in tomorrow and tell the guy what the issues are and what my computer needs so he can update the software or just hold off until tax return if my computer will last that long and get it fixed through the guy and that will be my tax purchase. This year it was the New Nintendo 3DS XL and one year it was the Nook Color and in 2013 it was the WiiU.

I am wondering what is the whole point in warranty if they will still charge you when they fix it. My husband said he bought software warranty once and they still charged him to fix things on his computer when I said why couldn’t he buy it for one year and he said he did that once and they still charged him so to me it sounded like a scam so I would think a professional company wouldn’t do it.